• Brief introduction of stabilizer

    Broadly speaking, can increase the stability of the solution, colloid, solid, the mixture of chemicals are called stabilizers. It can slow down the reaction, maintain chemical balance, reduce surface
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  • Heat stabilizer performance

    In the actual coordination, in addition to the requirements of the stability of the stabilizer to meet the needs of thermal stability, often also requires its excellent workability, weatherability, in
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  • Heat stabilizer - organic tin

    Exceptional thermal stability There is currently no other type of heat stabilizer in excess of heat stability. Therefore, it is the preferred PVC rigid stabilizer, some varieties in the soft products
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  • What is organic tin?

    (1) Excellent Transparency The greatest advantage of organic tin stabilizers is the excellent transparency, the use of organic tin stabilizer PVC formula, can be crystal-like products. Because of this
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  • Introduction of lead salt

    l excellent stability experiments show that in the commonly used salt-based lead salt, sulfite heat resistance is better than sulfate, and sulfate heat resistance is better than phosphite. PVC industr
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  • More about lead salts

    Low-cost lead salt stabilizers are among the lowest of all stabilizer varieties, so lead salt stabilizers continue to dominate the market for stabilizer half a century, despite the introduction of new
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