• Development of thermal stabilizers

    The global environmental protection requirements are stricter. Human beings are increasingly demanding to purify their living environment. The regulatory pressure to limit the use of heavy metal heat
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  • Lead salt clean and methyl tin products

    Lead salt dust-free is the most basic requirements, low lead is forced by the environment. In view of lead and lead in the pipe, insulation material excellence, lead-free process in the world slow, le
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  • Non-toxic metal soap calcium / zinc stabilizer

    Non-toxic metal soap calcium / zinc stabilizer has a very broad space for development, foreign countries have large diameter pipe, the use of calcium / zinc stabilizer insulation field. However, the d
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  • What is internal plasticizer and external plasticizer

      The internal plasticizer is used to change the molecular structure/molecular weight of the polymer to increase the elongation/softness of the polymer, such as polyethylene-vinyl acetate copolym
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  • Plasticizer related concepts

    Plasticizers are also generally called plasticizers. Plasticizers are industrially widely used additives for polymer materials. Adding this material to plastics processing can increase its flexibility
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  • The basic situation of plasticizers

    There are various types of plasticizers, and the data on the toxicity of various plasticizers vary greatly. In comparison, chlorinated hydrocarbon plasticizers (chlorinated paraffins) are highly toxic
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